SUREBANDSteel Flange Guards

20 Apr, 2022

IGS are now holding stock in Auckland

We are pleased to announce that IGS are now carrying a comprehensive stock of SUREBANDSteel flange guards.

These flange guards offers a solution in the event of a flange leak. With the SUREBAND pressure diffusion technology you can be safe in the knowledge that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure a contained leak to keep people and equipment safe.

“SUREBAND PDT (Pressure Diffusion Technology) uses a specially formulated multi-layered mesh that is held against the flange. The pressure is diffused in a controlled manor thus preventing formation of a mist / vapour cloud. At the point of exit from the shield, the leak takes the form of a safe, vertical drip or stream.
Our leak testing facility has proven that pressure diffusion is required to prevent spray and mist formation. However, many shield designs have no diffusion – and this can actually create a worse leak than no shield at all.”