13 Jul, 2022

IGS are excited to announce a partnership between Garlock & CinchSeal that will give IGS the New Zealand distribution of the complete CinchSeal rotary sealing range.

CinchSeal is a unique and problem-solving sealing device designed to seal powders and slurries on process equipment. It is an effective shaft seal that reduces product loss, eliminates housekeeping issues, prevents bearing & equipment failure and downtime which is critical in today’s demanding processing plants.

Rotating equipment compatible with CinchSeal –
•Screw Conveyors
•Ribbon Blenders & Paddle Mixers
•Cookers (Meat & Cheese Plants)
•Vacuum Mixers
•Tilt Bowl Dough Mixers
•Rotary Air Locks
•Bucket Elevators
•Side Entry Agitators (Pulp & Paper)

Benefits of using a CinchSeal include the following
•Cost Saving: Eliminates product waste, unscheduled maintenance costs and downtime, premature bearing failure, shaft damage and reduces energy concumption.

•FDA Compliance: Seals are FDA-Approved for food contact. Cinchseal has USDA Certification for use in dairy application along with USDA Meat & Poultry compliance.

•Shaft Friendly: The unique design eliminate shafts from being scored and damaged.

•Runout: Can handle up to ¼” (6.35mm) of shaft runout with losing a seal on the shaft

•Health and Safety: Eliminates powder and dust leakages that can cause hazardous work environments and explosions.

•Minimal Downtime: Seals are designed to be rebuilt with repair kits ensuring many years of service.